About the Comic

In the beginning...

Unfortunately, not a lot can be said about the origins of "Carried by the Wind" without giving away a very critical part of the story. While that can't be divulged, most of the influences for the comic have been popular science fiction works, ranging from Star Trek to Quantum Leap; usually the stuff that has to do more with human progression and less to do with aliens. Space elevators, Fusion Drives, Teleporters, that sorta thing. We, as a society, are fully capable to developing these things, but the money and effort is instead being spent on developing heated cup holders for SUVs and ad campaigns to keep us at one and other's throats.

Before 'Carried', Brent had a few other webcomic ideas. The first was a project called "Shadydale", where Lucien's origins are actually from. That comic was scrapped and the idea for that comic will likely never come to life. In part, this is because it was semi-autobiographical and the focal point of life has shifted so much since then that it seems less relevant.

Another large influence is music. Without music, all would be lost. To set the mood properly, Brent tends to chose music from the Neo-Progressive genre for drawing 'Carried'. The band of choice is Ayreon, whose Universal Migrator albums inspired the very title of this comic. The song "Carried by the Wind" has elements synonymous with the comic, and as a standalone piece leaves enough ambiguity to its meaning to be open to interpretation.

What to expect

If you're here for a little humor, or something to read while drinking your coffee in the morning before your brain has woken up, this might not be for you. While humor comics have their place, there is a greater need for epic storylines, and the format of a web-based comic that supplies the reader with an archive to refer to is the perfect medium for such a story.

Brent also believes that censorship is the cause of many problems in the world, and has caused far more conflicts than it could ever resolve. Because of this, he refuses to limit the intensity to which he draws or writes. If something is shocking, that is fully intentional. He doesn't put ratings on his work, as it is acceptable to all audiences who happen upon it, though this point may have many who would disagree.

About the Creator

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brent has been drawing on and off since he was able to pick up a pencil. None of his drawings were especially good for a very long period of time, but he enjoyed doing them anyway. He never gave it a lot of thought or practice until a few events changed him forever...

The summer of 1995 released a movie that would change the course of Brent Bowser's internet personality forever: Waterworld. While not a wholly perfect film by any means, it carried some rather interesting notions of a post-apocalyptic earth that have embedded themselves into brain of one particular Ohioan. He decided to from then on be known as the same title the lone seaman in that movie: Mariner.

In the fall of 1998, by pure chance, Mariner stumbled upon a webcomic by the name of Sabrina Online. This not only opened the door to a world of webcomics, but also to a new and wonderful idea known as "Furry." Over the course of the next several years, Mariner would develop his pencil to taking the shapes of anthropomorphic animals. They would go on to eventually find themselves in his stories.

Summer of 2002, shortly after the debut of "Carried", Mariner attended a furry-themed convention known as Anthrocon. Having taken in so much in those few days, he was changed yet again and adopted the surname 'the Raccoon' to his borrowed handle, and henceforce forged a unique identity all his own.

And the rest... well, that's a work in progress.

-Brent "Mariner the Raccoon" Bowser

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