Links to other great webcomics:

Jack by David Hopkins

David Hopkins is a master of creating very loveable characters in a mere few comics... You love them, cherish them, and wish you could hang out with them on a Friday night. Cute furry guys and gals, all with deep personalities and interesting stories. Then he goes and kills the fuck out of them. Or rather, they meet with an endless supply of horrible twists of fate that land them in death's arms. Did you know death is a big, yellow-eyed green bunny? There's a larger story at work, in the background, but the focus is often on those adorable creatures he works up. "What kind of God are you?", indeed.

Sabrina Online by Eric W. Scwartz

Eric Scwartz's artwork is superb, delivering a cartoony style we can really sink our teeth into. Some of the jokes are hokey, but the romantic side is rich enough to keep us coming back for more.

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