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The Characters of Carried by the Wind

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Lucien Terwillis

Species: Raccoon-Badger-Bengal Tiger hybrid
Date of Birth: January 15th, 2109 (18 years old)
Standard Mech Class
Upgrades: Carbon-Fiber skeletal weaves (for structural integrity), Electro-Muscular Stimulators(for increased speed and strength)

Lucien is one of the youngest prodigies of the newest generation. His birth was well timed with the latest development in genetic analyzing equipment, which meant his strengths and weaknesses were determined at a very early age. His skeletal reconstruction began at the tender age of ten, after having been enrolled in a school for applicants of mechanical aptitude and vast adaptability. He graduated at the top of his class at age 16, and was granted a position on the ISA Cargo ship "The Integrity." He has risen from a mere B-Class mechanic to Standard Class in less than six months, an ISA record.

During his time onboard the Integrity, he's made friends with his colleagues Tom and Kevyn. His relationship with his family was never strong, but has grown very cold and distant since his departure into space. He passes his time reading books in the gardens near his apartment, and thinking maybe he's not cut out for space life, despite his abilities.

Jenna Starr (Stockholm)

Species: Vixen Purebreed
Date of Birth: October 31st, 2105 (21 years old)
Celebrity Status: Pop Star

Jenna has never lived outside of the glow of lights and camera, yet she is surprisingly down-to-earth. Her upbringing allowed her to gain media attention, where she quickly adorned a pseudonym to guise her true family name. During her teen years, she decided to take a little more adventurous route in her career, where some racier pictures of her made it into the public eye. Many experts agree that this was the real jumpstart that brought her to absolute stardom, while others argue that it's the reason she's hated by so many. Even the best stars can't please all of the people all of the time.

During her late teen years, she made a great deal of fans by starting a musical career. Unlike many pop stars of the past, she was actually gifted with a wonderful singing voice. Her four albums have gone made worldwide records in sales. In 2125, Jenna starred in the lead role of an independent film, which won her many awards. Because of her fans, the movie did exceptionally well, but many of them walked away unsatisfied with the unhappy ending. In secret, she has been re-assigned with the ISA in working at boosting the tourism industry, where her father, Director Henry Stockholm, has some very big plans for the future.

Diram Aghatori / Mr. Emnets

Species: Grey Wolf - Sheepdog hybrid
Date of Birth: December 7th, 1965 (33 years old)
Mental Ward Resident

Mr. Emnets always lived his life simply, but has never been entirely alone. Long since his childhood, he has been in accompaniment of a voice inside his head. This voice calls himself Diram Aghatori, a self-proclaimed time traveler and prophet. Because of his internal inhabitant, Emnets has never sought out a mate, which regrettably he feels he is powerless to do anything about. His job working for a construction equipment manufacturer was lost when his supervisor caught him in deep conversation with himself.

Mr. Emnets was not surprised or upset by this, but he was also losing control of himself more frequently. After he found Diram taking over his body more and more frequently, often to do things Emnets didn't approve of, he had himself committed. He now takes rest at the Shadydale Mental Health Facility.

Joshua Reynolds

Species: Mouse-Rat Hybrid
Date of Birth: May 1st, 1967 (31 years old)
Mental Ward Resident

Joshua always regarded himself as a rather sane person, but the opinions of coworkers and a constant recycling of friends has made him wonder about his own real situation. After his first few sessions, and the distaster of his hypnosis, he's becoming more inclined to believe that maybe all those people have been right about him all these years. However, he has a few things he needs to do before he can just let himself rot away behind bars.

The Unnamed Prophet

Species: Kangaroo Purebreed
Date of Birth: April 22nd, 13 AD (47 years old)
Prophet and Soothsayer

Would you risk your own life to tell a handful of people about something that happens nearly 2100 years in the future? This question has an easy answer for our dear prophet. Unfortunately, his words never leave the building in which he told them for so many years. He was instantly an outcast because of his unusual species, despite having been born in the same city as most of his neighbors. After a brief time, one of his few friends, Luke, had a child which took to the Prophet's charisma very quickly. Linus very quickly became his apprentice, and was given total attention whenever it was asked. Linus' sudden death left the prophet powerless, having nothing left to live for. This caused him not to fight the Romans in his final moments, leading to a quick and painful death. His story is yet to be complete, however...

Thomas Kirkpatrick

Species: Tomcat-Rat hybrid
Date of Birth: June 1st, 2092 (35 years old)
Standard Mech Class
No Upgrades

Thomas is a true family man. He lived happily with his parents and two brothers, racing cars and ships, causing the usual brand of mischief. Due to a rare hereditary disease on his father's side, his brothers we no longer able to work, placing their Baton Rouge homestead in jeopardy. Thanks to many years of influence from his mechanically inclined brother, Jimmy, he was able to get a position onboard the ISA Cargo ship, "The Intrepid." He worked side by side with Jonathan Tatum, who helped him work his way up the ranks to become a Standard Mech class. When "The Integrity" was built, Tom and Tatum were happily transferred to accept new positions upon the graceful new ship.

In 2126, Tom acquired the responsibility of instructing a bright new pupil, Lucien Terwillis, who very quickly took to everything, including having Tom as a close friend. Between them, they perform all of the major repairs to the gigantic ship without great effort. Tom aches to return home before his brothers finally pass on, but he knows that life isn't always about getting what you want. He has adapted well and found a new kind of family on "The Integrity," but it's still never the same.

Kevyn Faal

Species: Hare-Fruit Bat hybrid
Date of Birth: November 16th, 2099 (27 years old)
Engineer, B-Class
Optical Simulator enhancement (unique to the Pteropodidae family)

During her early years, Kevyn ran into many difficulties. Because of her unusual genetic makeup, her normal senses were askew. This gave her an overly sensitive sonar ability, which was unrefined, but was a good substitute for vision. After a few years, she managed to get a janitor's position working onboard the ISA's Pacific Ocean Elevator platform. A few years passed by before she was able to afford a device that could control her abilities. Much to her amazement, Kevyn was able to outperform many of her naturally seeing competitors, and worked her way up the ladder. Shortly after it's maiden launch, she worked her way on to "The Intrepid", quickly making friends with Thomas and Jonathan Tatum. They helped her gain a position as an engineer, where she and Tom would work side-by-side on a regular basis. Her modified enhanced sonar is capable of so much more than regular vision, making diagnosis of inner ship problems a snap.

Unfortunately, unlike her friend, Kevyn's upbringing was less than enjoyable. Her father chose to take her in when her mother left for the Moon to seek a better career for herself. They remained on their small Irish home for quite some time, but her father wasn't happy when Kevyn decided to leave home. He protested her leaving and working for the ISA, as she was all he had left. It was a tough choice, but she stands by it. Kevyn hopes one day to seek out her mother on the Moon, but isn't in any hurry. She likes "The Integrity," even if she does feel a bit lonesome at times. Besides, it's more fun to avoid Boku's constant attempts to have her as a mate.

Jonathan Tatum

Species: Iguana Purebreed
Date of Birth: March 10th, 2079 (48 years old)
Crew Supervisor, A-Class
Reconstructive Tail Implants

Hailing from the Lone Star state, Tatum was bred right and true for the United States military. His strong mind and body earned him the rank of Captain in above average time. His love was for discipline and respect. In 2105, Director Stockholm in cooperation with the ISA voting members passed a new law requiring military personnel aboard all cargo carrying vessels. Tatum begin his new assignment aboard "The Intrepid," despite his unwillingness to do so. After a while, the position grew on him, and he gained a new appreciation for the spacecraft. What he did not admire was the methods used to keep the crew in check. They seemed very loose and careless.

In 2115, his fears were proven correct during a terrible accident. The incident killed 13 crew members, injuring 115 more. Because of Tatum's training, he managed to help recover the ship, in spite of it's panicked crew. He was granted several awards, and was given a new position as crew supervisor. His methods for training have become the new ISA standard, and any member who cannot or will not pass the regulations is lifted from their duties immediately.

In 2124, with the commission of the new ship, "The Integrity," Tatum happily transferred, where he began to tinker with the ship's systems, making improvements as he went along.

Boku de MaiTai

Species: Ferret Purebreed
Date of Birth: Unknown
Chief of Culinary Arts, Bartender

Boku is the ship's mystery man. Only Tatum knows anything about him, having met him in his native town, deep in the Carribean. He has a special flare for meals and drinks, and can whip up conversation with nearly anyone. His job isn't complete until he's brought you around, even if it means filling your belly with exotic alcohols first. He has a terrible crush on Kevyn, and has tried his hardest to make it something more since her arrival on board. Boku has been on "The Integrity" since its maiden launch.

Dr. Andrew Menchaff

Species: Reindeer Purebreed
Date of Birth: August 30, 1959 (39 years old)
Psychiatrist, PhD

In his years, Doctor Menchaff has run into many strange things. Multiple personality disorder happens to be his specialty, if he were to have one... But something hasn't quite sit right with a pair of his patients he's encountered. In 1998, He met up with a particularly disturbed, though calm, individual by the name of Joshua Reynolds. He claimed that he knew how the world would end, and gave very specific details as to how and when it would occur. Less than a year later, another patient gave him a very similar description, told from his point of view. Both accounts happened to fall on the same day. There was also a sense there was something more to each of them, perhaps...

Captain Reynold MacCallister

Species: Goat Purebreed
Date of Birth: November 10th, 2075 (51 years old)
ISA Ship Captain

The captain of a ship claims full responsibility of all the actions held by it's crew. Because of this notion, Captain Reynold MacCallister feels that it is his ultimate duty to be sure that every member of the crew does exactly as he says, when he says it. Only one wrench keeps his gears from turning, and that would be Jonathan Tatum. In the most technical sense, He and Tatum are equals... but his title makes him feel as though he were more important, and often tries to sway the crew towards his decisions. It fails, of course, because Tatum works closely with the crew, and doesn't simply boss them around.

Sandy Allattare

Species: Guinea Pig Purebreed
Date of Birth: February 6th, 1976 (22 years old)
Nurse in charge of Records and Documents

Relatively new to the world of mental health, and still going to school part time, Sandy has already seen some amazing things. She was assigned to work with Dr. Menchaff two years previous as a part of her internship. While the things she sees are disturbing, she is also strangely compelled to be a part of it all. She feels this is important. She doesn't know how right she is.

Dennis Harrington

Species: Badger Purebreed
Date of Birth: July 13th, 1978 (20 years old)
Intern at Shadydale Mental Health Facility

Dennis isn't the sharpest tool in the box. In fact, the other tools threw him out. Dennis lives his life one day at a time, hoping only to keep a job or pass his classes, and spending the rest of that time stoned or loaded. His regular hangout is a warehouse turned nightclub. While he can't dance, he likes to get high and watch the other furs do their thing on the dance floor. Sometimes his friend Martin joins him.

Jared Willis

Species: Coyote Purebreed
Date of Birth: July 4th, 2104 (23 years old)
Cargo Ops, B-class

Jared is your typical post-graduate ISA hiring job. The Cargo crew is always lax in qualified members, so often they will take any graduate willing to do the job and do it well. They become the most dispensable of the team, often doing odd jobs to fill in the time between landings. Jared is also well known as one of the ship's bigger party participants, as if he never really left college. He gets along with nearly anyone, but does have a temper that makes an ugly appearance now and then.

Linus, son of Luke

Species: Desert Rat Purebreed
Date of Birth: September 10th, 49 AD (10 years old)
The Prophet's Apprentice

Having taken quickly to the teachings of our dear prophet, he was also the one to inadvertently slip mention of the weekly meetings, bringing them to a permanent close. His life was short, but not without appreciation. The prophet cared for him as deeply he might his own son, and witnessing Linus' demise was certainly his breaking point.

Director Henry Stockholm

Species: Fox Purebreed
Date of Birth: December 31st, 2066 (60 years old)
Director of all ISA operations

There was a time when being the President of the United States was considered the most powerful and famous position on the planet Earth. This is no longer true. While Director Stockholm is indeed limited in his decision making based on the outcome of a committee of officials from every represented country, he has the power to make the final call on nearly any judgement that gets passed. He is quickly approaching his 30 year mark with the ISA as Director, and has done such a fine job that he expects to maintain the position for another few terms.

While the public is clueless as to his relationship to Jenna Starr, he is very proud of his daughter's accomplishments, though he not always has approved of her choices of material. Her mother, on the other hand... That's another story.

Mkamba Ti

Species: Cheetah-Bengal Tiger Hybrid
Date of Birth: October 29th, 2046 (40 years old)
Commander of the Diacria Mars Colony

Mkamba is a very gentle but hardworking representative of the ISA. He keeps things running very smoothly on the surface of Mars, but can be naive about more complicated social situations. He often has trouble controlling the Scientists, as they feel they are better than he is. The worker class enjoys his company fully, and would give most of their lives to keep Mars running smoothly.

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